The yellow pepper and its family

Once upon a time there was a garden where many vegetables live together. Every week, new members were born: there were red tomatoes, orange carrots, purple eggplants, green zucchini, white onions and peppers… some of them red, others green but only one yellow. Its name was Yellow and it was always very sad. The other vegetables, tried to encourage Yellow by doing activities everyday; they visited the park, cooked desserts or played team games. The losing team had to sleep in the greenhouse, where it was very hot! This way, they would always have fun together. Besides, vegetables’ houses had their door always open, they all got along very well so they were like a big family and therefore, Yellow felt sad. It was the only yellow pepper from the garden so it thought it didn’t have a family. The other vegetables had no more ideas to get it happy, but one day, Tomato had an idea:

– We all could dress up like a yellow pepper during a week; maybe Yellow could see beyond our physic characteristics and realize we love it —proposed Tomato.

The rest of vegetables thought it was a good idea so they began to sew their own costumes. Yellow thought they were plotting something against it. Finally the day came; everyone was ready to put on the costume. Yellow was surprised to see them, it didn’t realize they were its friends, it thought they were its family and quickly ran to hug them,

– I’ve thought of you every day! —told Yellow.

The vegetables were very happy when they see Yellow smiling. They all enjoyed the week. Yellow have sung and joked, and even gave them a kiss when everyone went to sleep. Finally it was time for the vegetables to take off their costumes; however they were afraid that Yellow would feel cheated. All gathered around it and, before taking off the costumes, asked Yellow how it had spent this week with them,

– It has been the best week of my life! —it affirmed.

Then, vegetables took off their costumes, Yellow was surprised and began to cry, everyone thought it was disappointed, however, it was crying of happiness as it realized it had spent the best week of its life with the same vegetables it lived with everyday feeling miserable. With costume or not, they were the same, its real family.

– Thank you —said Yellow.
– Just wanted you to realize that your family is who loves and care for you —Tomato said.

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