Sun is in love

Once upon a time, there was a yellow bright Sun which everyday hung from the sky and spent lots of hours watching one flower because she was in love. The flower’s name was Nastia and she was a beautiful sunflower with impressive petals. Nastia was always in the same place with her best friends, Margarita and Tuli.

LunaEvery morning, Sun was seen timidly in the sky and, when Nastia looked at him, he went still, without looking away from her until his grandmother, the Moon, came to take his place in the sky.

Every day was the same for him. His grandmother encouraged her grandson to tell Nastia he was in love with her, but he didn’t know how to do it, so he resigned himself to watching her from a distance.

El sol con la nubeOne day, Sun met Cloud, a funny cloud who crossed the sky quickly.

– What are you doing here, hanging from the sky and staying so still? —Cloud asked Sun.
– I am watching Nastia —answered Sun, quickly and spontaneously.
– Who is Nastia? —Cloud asked—. Ah! I see… —added Cloud—, she must be one of these flowers who are watching you.
– Shhh, speak quietly —Sun said.
– Nastia doesn’t know it, Nastia doesn’t know it… —Cloud repeated with a mocking tone.
– Of course, she doesn’t know it! —Sun answered—, I resigned myself to only watch her…
– I have an idea! I can help you tell her you’re in love… —Cloud said.
– Really? What’s your idea? —Sun asked with intrigue.
– You only need to surprise her… What do you think if we were to paint a colourful arch in the sky? When she sees it, she will be surprised, and then you can tell her you are in love.

Sol nube y arco irisSun accepted, so they requested paint cans from his grandmother, the Moon, and then began their creation. When they had it prepared, Cloud told Sun to hide, this way Nastia would be surprised when she saw him show up with the arch. However, when Sun hid, Nastia bent down her head and her friends Margarita and Tuli closed their petals. Cloud stood astonished seeing their reaction.

– Didn’t they like the rainbow? —he thought.

Meanwhile, Sun was waiting very nervously and, realizing the silence wasn’t a good sign, he began to ask;

– Can I come out yet? Why don’t you answer me? Didn’t they like it? What’s up? —Sun said, more and more nervous.
– Sun, my friend, I don’t think they like it but if you don’t show up, they will never know you did it. At least we tried! —Cloud said—. Go home, tomorrow I am going to pick you up and we’ll go and visit other planets. You have to understand there are lots of flowers to fall in love with.

Sun returned home very sad,

– What’s the matter? —asked the Moon when she saw her grandson crying.
– Nastia doesn’t love me —he answered—, I painted her a rainbow in the sky and she didn’t see it, she just bent her head.
– Perhaps she doesn’t like colours… She stares at you every day! You have to try again! —grandmother Moon said.
– Grandma, I gaze at her every day. Tomorrow I will meet new flowers, perhaps one of them fall in love with me.

Next morning, Cloud and Sun went to visit other planets but came back soon as Sun missed Nastia. He didn’t meet any flower like Nastia. When they arrived home, the Moon ran to him:

– What’s the matter, grandma? —Sun asked.
– Don’t leave our planet again. Nastia was downcast all day! And her friends were sleeping all day. Come and see her, let’s go!

When Sun ran to her, Nastia raised her head to watch him like every day.

– Have you realized now? She only watched the sky when you were there —grandma said.
– Nastia… hello, I am Sun, I am always here, hanging from the sky, I have seen you for some time. How are you? —Sun asked with a flickering tone.
– Hello Sun, I know who you are, I have missed you today… I love watching you, don’t leave again, please…

Sun smiled and took Nastia’s hand while his grandma, the Moon, said:

– With patience and effort, you can achieve all your goals.

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