Flower feelings’

flower rosa y contentaOnce upon a time there was a flower named Flor. Flor changed her colour whenever she felt a different emotion.

In spring she was pink because her friends, the butterflies, visited her and that made her feel happy.

flower tristeIn autumn she was yellow when it rained because she lived on a balcony and she couldn’t feel the cooling raindrops. Then she became sad.

flower con rabiaThe clouds in winter made her furious when they covered the sun because Flor loved to feel the warmth of the suns rays. When Flor felt fury she changed to the colour orange.

flower enfadadaShe also got angry with the wind when it blew strongly because she had to make an effort not to fly out of her pot. Then her roots hurt and Flor changed to the colour green.

flower sorprendidaAlthough, one summer she saw a rainbow for the first time and that made her feel suprised, then she changed to the colour blue. From that day on she hoped to see a rainbow when the rain stopped but since that does not always happen, she was dissapointed and she changed to the colour purple.

And when Flor thought she had felt all of the emotions in the world, she felt a small tickle on her stem.

– Finally I am safe! —said a smiling ant as she walked up Flor’s stem.
– Safe? —asked Flor with a sad voice as she looked out from the balcony onto the pouring rain.
– Safe from the rain! Can’t you see it is raining? One rain drop could soak me entirely. Just imagine if lots of raindrops fell on me! I am very happy to have refuge here on your balcony —answered the little ant.
– She is happy and I am sad… —thought Flor when she realized that each person can feel something different for the same reason. Even she had a lot to learn about feelings.

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