category: fairy tales

Sun is in love

Once upon a time, there was a yellow bright Sun which everyday hung from the sky and spent lots of hours watching one flower because she was in love. The flower’s name was Nastia and she was a beautiful sunflower with impressive petals. Nastia was always in the same place with her best friends, Margarita […]
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The yellow pepper and its family

Once upon a time there was a garden where many vegetables live together. Every week, new members were born: there were red tomatoes, orange carrots, purple eggplants, green zucchini, white onions and peppers… some of them red, others green but only one yellow. Its name was Yellow and it was always very sad. The other vegetables, tried […]
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Flower feelings’

Once upon a time there was a flower named Flor. Flor changed her colour whenever she felt a different emotion. In spring she was pink because her friends, the butterflies, visited her and that made her feel happy. In autumn she was yellow when it rained because she lived on a balcony and she couldn’t […]
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