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Rosa Redolar Lozano

(Writer and founder of

I was born in Valencia, in a humble family, on 16th august 1984.

When I was 8 years old, my sister, 10 years older than me, realized I loved writing so she gave me a notebook as a present. I began to write my first poems whilst I learnt the best presents aren’t what publicity advertise.

Life, however, took me in different directions. I studied a Tourism Degree, as I love languages and travelling. I have worked in that sector since I finished my studies in 2005. During my professional experience in hotels, I have learnt lots of different cultures and realities.

Later, I remembered my real vocation was writing so without giving up tourism industry, I began to study a Teaching Degree in Primary Education, as I considered it was the best way to understand how to educate children. I wanted to do it trough story tales. I felt excited many times in the University when I listened to teachers so compromised with their vocation so I decided I would never forget mine.

In one sentence:

“Writing and dreaming, I am learning about life.”

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Why we create

Because I love writing and I consider both fantasy and imagination should have a place in childhood and education.

Besides, I think we have to create reading habits from an early stage of childhood, as it is the most important method of learning. We learn the majority of knowledge by reading.

Why through a website?

Because, although I defend the tradition, I think the society has developed. To reach children it is important to take their interests into account and now technology fascinates them. In my opinion, well proportioned, it is a good resource to develop children’s skills and a perfect source if they know how to contrast information.

I count on you

doing a story together


“I count on you” is your site, our site, a place where you are able to publish your own
story tales.

If you are interested in making a story tale with me, don’t hesitate in contacting me
through following contact form; send me your idea, character, drawing or a piece of a story… What comes to your mind!

First, count on your imagination and later count on me.